chamomile and jesus

something that has always made me happy is tea… especially chamomile tea. there are so many small things that I find joy in. whenever I have a bad day or a gust of anxiety, I find that it always helps me to do something small that makes me happy and brings me joy. these little […]

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i went back to college a couple days ago. it was weird and both happy and sad. i started classes this week and realized how busy i’m going to be. this then made me realize that it is going to be a little harder to make time for journaling and meditating and praying. i know […]

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as i’m sure everyone is posting on the new year…i had to add… throughout this long year, i have not only learned to love myself buy also what it means to know him…what it means to put everything that you feel in him. what it means to put all your fear and all your faith […]

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the why

so why do i even want to write a blog ? i want to show what sparked my love for the lord and what i want to write about in my future posts…. ••• the lord has spoken to me many times in my life through many things…and i want to share the ways in […]

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